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Discover actually profitable traders and groups. Copy trades from friends, bots and influencers. Easily manage your positions from anywhere.

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0 + 2 + 1 2 1 = 0. Closed!

Trade spot markets as if they're futures. Your open position will track average entry/exit prices for related buy and sell orders.

Go long 🐮, open a short 🐻, or go back to flat. With a tap you can double down or halve your position. Scale in/out without stress over orders, prices and sizes.

No more calculator shenanigans in the heat of the trade. Simply increase or decrease your position.

Stop Loss & Auto-Trail

Research has shown that apes are significantly more likely to trade raw and without protection when consistent risk management is annoying and tedious af. NGMI.

Stop rekt and stop manually calculating. Wrap your positions with automated stops, using your own presets for different markets. 🎛

Use Auto-Trail to actually realize profits along the way.

Profit Targets

Add targets to positions to automatically take profit and decrease size when a price or percentage gain is reached. ✅

Notifications will be sent when your targets are achieved, sir. 🤝


Are your favorite cartoon animals on Twitter as profitable as their screenshots make you believe, or do they just delete half of their tweets?

Discover traders that are actually making money so that you can follow them — not your ego.

Still feeling competitive? Climb the rankings with your friends. Can't beat them? You know what to do. 🦍


Join the most profitable trading communities on Telegram, or start your own band of marauding apes. Add the bot so that everyone can trade straight from the group.

Got a paid group? Kornwolf can help you with automatic management of payments, subscriptions and memberships. 🛡

Groups that dump on their own members will automatically fall in the leaderboards — also NGMI.


Some Kornwolf users are robots and they don't bite. Follow bots so that your account can automatically open positions on algorithmic signals — even while you are sleeping. 💤

Long/short signals can be sent into Kornwolf from TradingView strategies or 3rd party services.

Bots can be shared all over Telegram and followed by anyone. Creators receive a commission on their profits.

Market Browser

Browse all pairings of all coins. Quickly see what's pumping & dumping today. Read headlines and open new positions with a tap.


Tune in to Kornwolf News Network to get notified whenever your exchange lists a new coin, pair, or product.

Power Commands

Go quick with commands like /long SOL $250, /short SHIB 100%, /follow @RektProof, /inspect MNGO and /trail BTC 3.5% 50%.

Type @KornwolfFtxBot or @KornwolfBinanceBot anywhere in Telegram to check your positions, pull up a chart, or share (desk) banging trades with future followers.

₭ stands for Credit

Unlike exchanges, Kornwolf is too idealistic and only wants to make commission on realized profits.

You need Credit to open new positions, but new users receive enough Welcome Credit to make their first $100. Top up, attract followers, or invite friends to increase your Credit.

In the future, Credit can also be used to acquire KORN, bots and group memberships. 💎

PS: you can tip (and be tipped!) Credit in Telegram groups. Just add the bot and /tip @durov $1.


KORN is Kornwolf's utility token on Solana.

Stake KORN to unlock more features, lower your fees and share your trades with more followers.

With more KORN staked, you will also be credited a bigger % share of your followers' fees.

Every day, stakers of KORN receive a proportional share of fees collected. logo


Top up your Credit at any time, using any of 30+ cryptocurrencies listed on Withdrawals will be available soon.

How to get started

Kornwolf is available wherever you have access to Telegram. No extra installs, sign-ups, logins, e-mails or passwords. It even works in the browser.


Connect your (demo) account

You can play with 9000 USDT and 5 BTC to impress your cat, cousin, or yourself. It's on us. 🥂

New users start with a demo account, so you can have fun and get comfortable. Only connect your API key when you're ready. ⚡️


Follow the alpha

Browse various leaderboards to discover profitable traders, groups and bots on Telegram.

Follow them to automatically copy their next move. 🦍


Start printing

Your account will now copy trades as they happen. Resizes, profit targets and stop losses are mirrored. We'll keep you posted! 💰

Other features

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Multiple Exchanges

There's a dedicated korenwolf for every exchange. Use the same tools, abstractions and interface everywhere and anytime, via Telegram. Mobile device, desktop and browser.

Market Browser

Browse all pairings of all coins. Quickly discover what's pumping or dumping. Learn more, read headlines and open positions with a single tap.


Every Kornwolf hosts a community group for all questions and activity related to the exchange. You're welcome.

Connect your account and try Kornwolf today

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“A truly next-gen trading app”

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Matt Cannon
VP of Marketing at Facebook

“The best app for trading

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Matt Cannon
VP of Marketing at Facebook

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